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About Us

Our Vision

Pastors and church leaders all over the world are reaching their God-given dreams for ministry

Our Mission


Create an environment that connects with pastors and leaders where they are and gives them a vision of what could be.


Provide high-level training and tools for pastors and leaders.


Remind pastors and leaders that they have been called and anointed by God for the role they have.

Our Values

  • Pastors are People
  • We will honor the Church as the Bride of Christ
  • Both Having fun and hard work are vital to or health and well-being
  • Church leaders deserve the best we can offer them

Professional Team

Our Hosts

The Goal of our Podcast

Offer weekly conversations about culture, theology, leadership, and God’s mission for the Church in the world today.

We are merely starting the conversation. We hope you will carry it on. Listen. Share. Talk. Love.

New episodes are uploaded regularly

The world is always changing and we try to keep up with current events and trends that affect how you do ministry. Join the conversation each Monday with our latest episode.